Tuesday, October 1, 2013

     We have completed our first month of school and several thoughts come to mind regarding the academic and/or educational expectations for our school district.  As I pointed out in an earlier blog – transparency, open communication, active listening, and collaboration (between stakeholders) is essential in effectively understanding the requirements for making our students college and/or career ready.

     As October 1st is upon us, please take the time to converse with your children and your child(ren)’s teacher(s), principal(s), and other human resources that make vital decisions regarding his or her academic success.  I encourage everyone to visit the school buildings during the open house, curriculum night, parent-teacher conference appointment, and other face-to-face interactions, when available.

     I identified several tenets which distinguish or gauge our success, as a school district . . . those include: 1) our ability to self-improve the morale among all adults within our organization; 2) our desire to establish/develop/foster meaningful relationships with all stakeholders; and 3) our intentional belief in utilizing on-going, unique and fruitful opportunities to celebrate success.  I continue to believe these 3 principles are the catalyst for provoking significant changes in climate, academic progress, and ultimately student achievement.

     I look forward to the parents, community members, business owners, school staff members, and other professional resources who have agreed to participating on one of the three committees formed.  It is my expectations that these committees will serve as a venue to host and discuss many of the planning conversations necessary for cultivating change.  The 3 committees:  1)  Facility Planning, 2) Strategic Planning, and 3) Partners in Education . . . will provide a platform for understanding the decisions – decisions which are often made in a vacuum by a limited number of stakeholders, and certainly reaction-based (rather than proactively).  I encourage folks to ask questions, seek information, and offer input regarding the strategic development of our district, our student programs, and our decisions supporting these changes.

     Thanks, Mark Potter