Tuesday, July 16, 2013

     "Beginning of a new era" . . . "Dawning of a new day" . . .

     As I take the helm within the Liverpool Central School District, the challenges we all face: including fiscal limitations, mandates passed along by the New York State Education Department and the Department of Education, as well as our own local challenges in meeting the requirements for College and/or Ready youth . . . provide a clear focus for our work.  Work we all have a responsibility for and investment in . . .  as a school staff and community of professionals.

     Often the question is asked, "What do schools do during the summer months?"  Much of our attention is focused around professional development for our staff, as well as the summer programs provided for students (which includes summer school for high school students, extended school year for K-6 students, fine arts camps for all ages, Town of Clay sport and recreational programs, and some selective student offerings at local higher ed. facilities).

     I think a point of importance needs to be stressed . . . of the many things that school districts undertake in a given year, this year is no different (and likely perhaps even more special) . . . three things needed to occur to begin the "healing" process for Liverpool Central School to trek toward greatness and prominence.  These included:

  • Pass a Successful School Budget;
  • Ensure all Collective Bargaining Agreements were achieved;
  • Hire a New Superintendent;
     As we begin an exciting new school year, I believe we are on the right track!  My immediate entry plan includes  3 important facets:  Improve Morale, Build [Trusting] Relationships with All Stakeholders, and Celebrate the Student/District Successes.

Thanks for listening, Mark F. Potter