Wednesday, November 1, 2017

November 1, 2017:

Pre-Kindergarten Program Coming Back to Liverpool:
     I want to share with you an exciting opportunity for our children in Liverpool.  The Liverpool Central School District recently submitted an application to re-instate a pre-kindergarten program.  The grant is funded under the initiative: EXPANDED PRE-K (through the New York State Education Department).  Here are a few important point which focus on the roll-out of the program:

  • The New York State Education Department Announced on October
16, 2017 that the Liverpool Central School District was among 1 of 16 school districts within New York State to receive a grant to create or expand upon an existing pre-k program;

  • The grant will be used to reestablish a half day pre-kindergarten program for 200, 4-year-old children;

  • The Liverpool Central School District was awarded $574,400;

  • The Pre-K program is available to 4-year-old students who are residents of the Liverpool Central School District. The program will focus on all aspects of student learning and achievement;

  • The programming will be provided by existing community based organizations (pre-schools);

  • The program is slated to begin in January 2018;

  • An Expanded Pre-School banner has be posted on the district’s website.   Parents who are interested in enrolling their 4-year-old child in an Expanded Pre-School program should go to the website and complete the “EPK Notice of Intent” by December 1st. 

This is obviously an exciting and important initiative in "Preparing our Student for Tomorrow . . . Today."

Long Range Facility Planning:
     As you all know, the Liverpool Central School District is comprised of multiple school buildings across several campus settings.  There are 9 currently elementary school  (K-6) buildings, 3 middle school (7-8) buildings, 1 (9th grade) "Annexed" high school building and 1 (10-12) high school building.  In addition, there are several other associated district facilities including the recently closed (2010-11) Wetzel Road Elementary building . . . now used quite effectively as district "swing-space" during other building construction phases.  We also have the District Office (Craven Crawford Elementary), ECC (Maintenance Center), Transportation Center, High School Stadium, as well as the Liverpool Public Library.

     While the district has several buildings to maintain and care for . . . we also have the responsibility for strategically planning for long range renovations -- academically, environmentally, and fiscally.  As you can imagine, with 20+ facilities to care for . . . it does require us to engage in on-going facility improvement projects - often overlapping schedules.  As we are drawing close to completion of the Phase 2 Project (Chestnut Hill Elementary and Middle School Renovation), we recently completed the planning and design for Phase 3 Renovations at the Liverpool High School (drawings are currently at the New York State Education Department awaiting review). 

     We are now asking the community to consider another smaller project - Phase 4 (Complete Roof replacements at Long Branch Elementary, Donlin Drive Elementary; Partial Roof Replacements at Soule Road Complex, Liverpool Elementary and Liverpool Middle School (Those portions not replaced during the previous projects); and Boiler Replacements at Nate Perry Elementary, Wetzel Elementary and the District Office).  The Phase 4 Project (approximately $10.3 million dollars) will have no financial impact on the community - as we are utilizing a portion of the District's Capital Reserve along with the 82.5% coming from New York State Aid.  The Phase 4 Project vote is scheduled for Thursday, December 14th from 6am to 9pm at the Liverpool High School Gymnasium.