Monday, January 4, 2016

January 4, 2016:

Welcome to 2016 and . . . at least for a short period of time, Welcome Back Winter!   5 degrees this morning.  We haven't seen that chill since last February.  This change in our weather pattern will be appreciated by those folks who love to ski or enjoy other outdoor winter activities - that requires snow and/or ice.

So, thinking about the new year and 2016 . . . What are some of your resolutions for the coming year . . . to eat healthier, to be more active physically, or do you have other interests?

I'm also curious and wondering what changes will we be seeing in the coming months that will impact our schools, our programs, our budgets, and our community.  We have already seen the NYS Board of Regents respond to some of the Common Core push back by modifying their original regulations for "High Stakes" testing and the use of student assessments for teacher evaluations.  I am wondering how Governor Cuomo will respond to their changes . . . are we going to see new legislation modifying 3012(d) with another iteration - perhaps 3012(e)?  Time will tell!

I want to provide everyone with some insight regarding a potential Phase 3 Capital Project on the drawing board for the Liverpool Central School District.  Currently the Board of Education is contemplating a $39 million facility improvement project that will address many of the building issues primarily at Liverpool High School.  The project also is proposed to replace a portion of the roof at the Wetzel Elementary Building and address some of the facility needs at the Transportation Center on Long Branch Road.   Following the January 11th Board of Education meeting, I will be able to provide more specific details . . . if approved.  Hopefully, very shortly - I can provide an update on the status of the Chestnut Hill Elementary and Middle School Building Project(s).  We are still awaiting approval from the New York State Department of Education (and yes, it's been 1 year since we submitted that project to NYSED).

Stay warm and enjoy what seasonal changes upstate New York has to offer.

Mark F. Potter, Ed. D.

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